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2 AH
12 Volts
2.5 LBS

12V - 2A, "AGM" 6 Battery Charger-Maintainer-Desulfator

Price: $89.99
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Charging and Maintaining Multiple Batteries with the BatteryMINDer
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It's a Battery Charger:

  • Conventional wet liquid.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Deep Cycle - Golf Car, Marine, Solar.
  • SLA / VRLA - AGM & GEL.
  • Any size battery.
  • Charges multiple batteries at one time.

It's a Battery Maintainer:

  • Can be left on permanently.
  • Will not damage your battery.
  • Your battery will be ready when you are.

It's a Battery Conditioner:

  • Sulfation is the # 1 cause of battery failure.
  • Battery MINDer generates a resonant pulse current to breakdown the lead sulfate crystals. U.S. Pat Pend. #60-083,473.


PHONE: 352-326-2039
TOLL FREE: 877-746-2288

Battery Sales USA, Inc
12275 NE 13 Avenue
North Miami, Florida 33161

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2012-AGM | BatteryMINDer

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