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15 AH
12 Volts

12V-15A, Solar Charger Controller without Solar Panel

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Don't just charge your batteries...Condition them!

The BatteryMINDer® automatically dissolves harmful power-robbing sulphation using safe, patented high-frequency pulse technology**. Guaranteed to increase your battery's life and performance, or you get 100% of your money back within 1-year.

The BatteryMINDer® is a 3-mode charger/maintainer/conditioner that extends performance and life of all types and sizes of 12 Volt lead acid batteries. These include maintenance-free, marine, deep cycle, sealed, gel, and all popular brands of AGM dry-type, valve-regulated batteries, such as InterState, Exide, Optima and Odyssey.

The SCC180 Solar Controller can be used with any make, model, or size solar panels rated up to 180 watts output. Note: Panel not included.

** Sulphation is the #1 cause of early battery failure and loss of performance as determined by the Battery Council International, Dec. 1998.


  • Allows you to charge and maintain multiple batteries at a time. Quantity of batteries depends on the aize of solar panel(s).
  • Safely charges-maintains-conditions all size and type starter, deep cycle, maintenance-type, maintenance-free, sealed, gelled, AGM or dry-type batteries.
  • Automatically removes (dissolves) harmful sulphation using safe, U.S. patented electronic pulse technology.
  • The unit automatically desulphates both in the charging and the maintenance modes.
  • Guaranteed to never overcharge any battery, regardless of how long connected.
  • No need to add water to maintenance-type batteries during long, non-use storage.
  • Isolation transformer and smart chip technology ensure safe, long-term performance.
  • Shuts off completely when sunlight is reduced with no drain on the batteries.
  • Splash proof, conformal-coated circuitry ensures trouble-free life even in high-moisture marine environments.
  • Allows battery to be stored safely at 0°F to +120°F.
  • Designed and engineered in the USA.
  • Built in strict accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Certification.
  • Full year 100% money-back guarantee takes the risk out of trying this great product.
  • Five (5) year warranty covers everything except physical abuse
  • The unit comes with a Battery Condition Indicator that has a push button for testing the condition of the battery.
Input 16-24 volts DC solar power
Output 12 volts @ 15 Amp
Charge Voltage 14.2 Vdc
Float Voltage 13.2 volts
Desulphation Pulse Depends on the solar panel @ 3.26 MHz
Float Current 5 mA - 5 Amp (Depends on the solar panel & actual current output is determined by individual battery demand.)
Size/Weight 3-3/4" L x 2-1/2" W x 1-1/2" H / 1 lb

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It's a Battery Charger:

  • Conventional wet liquid.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Deep Cycle - Golf Car, Marine, Solar.
  • SLA / VRLA - AGM & GEL.
  • Any size battery.
  • Charges multiple batteries at one time.

It's a Battery Maintainer:

  • Can be left on permanently.
  • Will not damage your battery.
  • Your battery will be ready when you are.

It's a Battery Conditioner:

  • Sulfation is the # 1 cause of battery failure.
  • Battery MINDer generates a resonant pulse current to breakdown the lead sulfate crystals. U.S. Pat Pend. #60-083,473.


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