AutoMeter Testing Equipment BVA-200S


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Description: Hand Held Load Tester, Starter Draw, & Alternator Test
Applications: 6V & 12V Automotive & Commercial Starting Batteries. 12V Starting and Charging Systems

6 Volt Tests: Battery Check & Load Test
12 Volt Tests: Battery Check, Load Test, Alternator Stator/Diodes & Regulation Test, and Starter Draw Test
24 Volt Tests: NA

Battery CCA Range: 200-1600
Automated Load: 120 Amp
Alternator Test: Yes
Sator Diode Test: Yes
Starter Draw Test: Yes
External Volt Leads: No
Memory: Last 200 tests
Voltmeter Range: 0-30 with 0.1 Resolution
Voltage Drop Test: No
Cooling: Vented
Display: Digital 1" X 2.5" 4 line 16 character
Package: Durable Anodized Extruded Aluminum
Operational Temperature: 0-120 Degrees F
Operational Humidity: 0-85%
Language: English & Spanish
Internal Battery: 9Vdc
Length: 6
Width: 10
Height: 2
Weight: 6 Lbs  

Price: $739.95
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BVA-200S - AutoMeter Testing Equipment

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