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Browse our great selection for a high-quality battery charger to recharge your batteries. We feature a terrific selection of name brand manufacturers including Schumacher, Auto Meter and Power-Sonic offering a full range of battery sizes and models.

Battery Charger You can prolong the life of almost any battery by putting energy into a secondary cell or forcing an electric current through it. Many electronic devices including cell phones, computers and power tools will require you to charge its battery prior to using it so it has enough energy to be used properly. We carry the battery charger to handle your type of batteries.

We carry a wide selection of Schumacher battery chargers in many models to provide excellent battery power. Browse through the Schumacher line which includes hand-held chargers, hand-held starter/chargers, heavy-duty wheel-style starter/chargers and multi-battery chargers.

Brands Flooded
Auto, Truck, Marine
Solar Panels
Auto Meter Yes Yes
Guest Mobility Yes Yes Yes
Interacter Yes Yes
ICP Solar Yes Yes Yes
Power-Sonic Yes Yes
Odyssey Optimizer Yes
Schumacher Yes Yes

Battery Charger Power-Sonic makes a NiCad/NiMH battery charger that is an electronically regulated current-limited 2-stage charger for nickel-cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries. The PSN series features a timed C/10 charge rate with automatic switching to C/40 trickle rate after 14 hours to enable the battery to charge for an indefinite time period while maintaining its full charge.

BatteryWeb is a retailer and wholesaler of all types of batteries. We offer volume discounts, import, export and we specialize in both wet and sealed types of batteries. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, so please feel free to give us a call any time. Start saving time and money with Battery Web and explore our user friendly battery site.

Battery Web was established October of 1998. President, David A. Mead, has over 25 years of battery experience and is supported by a team of battery specialists who are committed to providing every customer with the highest level of service and assistance. So whether you are looking for a durable battery charger, charge analyzer or a specialty name brand battery, look no further than BatteryWeb.

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