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Application: Charger-Maintainer-Desulfator-Conditioners
Battery Type: All sizes, types, and brands of 12 Volt sealed Gel, AGM, Maintenance-free and Flooded (filler cap) batteries
Power-Source: 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Amps: 1, 2, 4
Voltage: 24V
Weight: 4 Lbs  

Description: BatteryMINDER Model 24041/244CEC1: 24 Volt 4 Amp Charger, Maintainer, Desulfator, Conditioner

Features: When installed, the temperature sensor ensures the battery will never be overcharged or undercharged regardless of temperature extremes (0º to 130º F operating range.) - Selectable amperage and battery type settings - Maximizes battery life and capacity, reconditions weak batteries - Automatic high frequency (not high voltage) pulse desulfation (U.S. patented.) - FCC certified - Microprocessor controlled ensures accurate-precise charging and maintenance during entire lifetime of unit. - Maintains up to six batteries at a time (6 or 12 Volt batteries connected in parallel). Requires use of Y-Connectors 210AY (sold separately) or customer supplied 18 gauge insulated wire - Automatic disconnect and resume if AC power is interrupted - IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON USING PRODUCT OUTDOORS: Weather-tight enclosure. Always mount units in vertical position with cord sets exiting downward to ensure weather tight integrity. Unit must be mounted this way to ensure long term trouble-free life including weatherproof integrity. Mounting in any other manner or using unmounted (parallel to ground) except indoors may cause unit to fail due to water intrusion that is unable to drain correctly to avoid damage. - Includes 2’ Fused Battery Clip Cord Set with Quick Connector, 2’ Fused Ring Terminal Cord Set with Quick Connector, 2’ Ring Mounted Temperature Sensor and 6’ Extension Cable

Product Info: BatteryMINDer® 24041 is a SmarTECHnology™ microprocessor controlled charger/maintainer/desulfator. It is designed with 5-stages and is fully automatic. It is an ideal choice for handling a variety of 24 Volt battery charging requirements. The design features a push-button selector for Gel, AGM and Flooded (filler caps) battery types to ensure 100% compliance will leading manufacturer's specifications (not for aviation batteries). It is equipped with a temperature sensor to ensure that batteries will never be overcharged or undercharged regardless of the operating temperature. (0º to 130º F operating range. Patented full-time high frequency pulse desulfation (NOT high voltage) prevents battery sulfation on new batteries or eliminates in older batteries, the #1 cause of early battery failure. Unit can maintain up to six 24 Volt batteries at one time when connected in parallel by using SmarTechnology™ Y-Connectors 210AY or customer supplied #18 gauge insulated wire


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