BVA-300 Auto Meter Load Tester

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BVA-300 Auto Meter Load Tester

The BVA-300 is a fast menu-driven battery tester and charging system analyzer in a great new size. It provides quick and accurate professional results utilizing a 40 Amp load – with Auto Meter’s superior proven technology. The BVA-300 is user friendly. No need to turn on head lights or accessories. Complete diagnostic system details are LCD displayed after each test and stored in memory for review. Performs a starter draw test and an alternator test. It automatically indicates amp output, open or shorted diodes and good or bad regulation.


6 Volt Tests: Battery Check and Load Test
12 Volt Tests: Battery Check, Load Test, Alternator Amp Output, Stator Diodes, Regulation Test and Starter Draw Test
24 Volt Tests: Alternator Stator Diodes / Regulation and Starter Check
Alternator Test: Good & Bad Diode detection - High, Good, and Low Regulation, also indicates the Alternator Amp Output
Display: Digital 1" x 2.5" – 4 line x 16 character LCD display & displays menus and test results
Load: Automated 40 Amp resistive load
Temperature: 0° to 120° F.
Humidity: 0 to 85% non condensing
Battery Sizes: Load tests batteries rated from 200 to 1600 CCA
Volts: Measures 0 to 30 Volts with .01 Volt resolution
Keyboard: Chemical Resistant lexan covered tactile switch
Numerical Entry: 6 Keys: On/Off, +Up, -Down, Y Enter, N Esc, Print
Cooling: Vented
Test Sequences: Computerized and automated - Select test from main menu.
Load Clamps: 2.5 ft. cable 16 Awg. Insulated Volt and Amp conductors
Memory: Holds Last 50 Tests
Internal Battery: 9 Volt alkaline
Size: 4.5" x 7.1" x 1.4"
Weight: 1.3 lbs.

Optional Accessories (order at Auto Meter Tester page):

Printer: Optional AC-15 infrared printer controlled from up to 40 feet.
Carrying Case: Optional AC-21 case with post adapters AC adapter, cigarette lighter adapter and 1 roll of paper.
Adapter Cable: Optional AC-12 serial cable for computer download.

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