0840-0004 | Cyclon Battery

Type: J Cell
Voltage: 2 V
AH: 12 AH
Terminal: .3 x .03
Length: DIA.
Width: 2.00
Height: 4.85
Lbs: 1.9 lbs.   

Price: $88.95
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Hawker Battery Documentation: has Cyclon brand batteries including the 0840-0004. Cyclon batteries are known for their durability and performance. The 0840-0004 battery is used for many applications throughout a number of industries. Cyclon batteries are used in the medical industry, telecommunications industry, aviation industry and more. Their tough, rugged construction and ability to recharge in under an hour makes them perfect for use in a variety of electronics.

Cyclon has more than 100 years of experience manufacturing batteries. The 0840-0004 battery comes from a trusted line of batteries offering long life and superior performance. Cyclon batteries can last up to 10 years on a float charge and perform remarkably well in extreme conditions. Batteries  are guaranteed to function in hot and cold temperatures. This is possible because Cyclon batteries are manufactured from pure materials. Cyclon batteries are sealed pure-lead cell batteries which provide up to 200 percent greater full cycle capability.

The 0840-0004 battery offers position flexibility. Most batteries lose charge and do not operate when positioned upside down or turned over on their sides. Cyclon batteries are designed with a starved electrolyte system. The sulfuric acid is absorbed within the cell's plates and the glass mat separator. The battery cell stays dry with no free electrolyte, allowing it to be charged, discharged or stored in any position without losing electrolytes. If you are shopping for the 0840-0004 Cyclon battery, be sure to check the inventory at You'll find all of the battery products you need and more at BatteryWeb.

0840-0004 | Cyclon Battery


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0840-0004 | Cyclon Battery

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