Industrial Commercial Series (ICS)

The future of battery charging is here! The Interacter Professional Series I/C charger puts charging problems in the past. The NEW Interacter I/C is a high performance battery charger for use in demanding applications where optimal performance and service is critical, such as Golf Carts, Personnel Cariers, and Floor Sweepers. The I/C features Interacter's patented microprocessor controlled, Three Stage, Constant Current, Constant Voltage system that out-performs all industry standard chargers in the same price range. The internal "battery type" DIP switch can be field set for use with gel-cell, SLA Absorbed, or Liquid Electrolyte battery types.
  • Automatic charge resume after A.C. supply interruption. 
  • Yellow 80% battery recharged indicator. 
  • Automatic override timer shut down due to battery fault 
  • Front mounted On/Off switch with built in circuit breaker 
  • External temperature compensation of charge voltage 
  • Green "Ready" indicates when the battery is fully charged 
  • Battery fault is indicated by the flashing "Ready" LED 
  • Can be connected continuously without overcharging 

  • Fully Automatic Proportional Timing 
  • Industrial Designed Modular Construction 
  • External Ambient Temperature Compensation 
  • Solid State LED Ammeter  
  • Powder Coated Steel Chassis 
  • Low Start Voltage
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Handle 
  • Automatic Reset On A.C. If Interrupted 
  • Battery Type Switch 
  • Wall or Bench Mounting 
  • Timed Constant Voltage Stage 80% Returned 
  • Green "Ready" Lamp 
  • Detachable A.C. Cord   
  • Commercial Grade Twin Conductor DC Cables 

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