Lineage Series (LS)

A direct descendent of Interacter's "PS".... 
The new Lineage Series is every bit a true professional.

The Interacter "LS" battery charger is specifically engineered to meet the demands of the informed consumer who knows that today's Hi-Tech batteries must be charged correctly, at a competative price. Like the Professional Series, the Lineage Series features a micriprocessor controlled system that out-performs industry standard chargers in it's price range. The LS has our patented three stage constant current, constant voltage charging format. The most important feature of the LS is the exclusive proportional timing which automatically adjusts the recharge time in order to achieve optimal performance on old, partially or deeply discharged batteries.

  • Three Stage Format - The charge format is multi-stage, providing for fast controlled recharge. 
  • Low Voltage Start - The LS charger will begin to charge batteries with voltages of less than 2 volts. 
  • Portable 
  • EPROM Technology - Utilizes a patented design microprocessor controlled circuitry. 
  • No DC Parasitic Losses - when AC is off 
  • Increased Battery Cycle Life - External Temperature Compensation option
  • Automatic Short Circuit Protection
  • Fast Charging - Exclusive Proportional Timing 
  • Durable - Powder Coated Finish. 
  • User Friendly - Easy to read On/Charge/Ready LED charge indicators. 
  • Modular Construction 
  • Safety/Fault - Automatic Override Timer 
  • Reliable SCR Phase Control 
  • Polarity Protection - Reverse connection shutdown. 
  • Float Stage - Automatically compensates for the battery's self-discharge, minimizing electrolyte loss in standby mode. 

  • Mobility Scooters 
  • Farm Equipment 
  • Trailing Motor Batteries 
  • Antique and Classic cars 
  • Snowmobiles 
  • Jet Skis 
  • House Emergency Backup 
  • Generator Batteries 
  • Motorcycles 
  • Campers 
  • Golf Carts 
  • Garden Tractors 

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