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  CS Series Chargers and Power Supplies 

All the features found in our Lineage Series Charger are inside the smaller CS chassis. This compact unit is designed for built-in, on board portable applications where the charger may be permanently mounted within an application. Operation and indication is the same as the LS series specification with 3 LED's.

  Scooter Booster

The Scooter Booster is a DC voltage converter designed specifically for charging 24 volt batteries from a vehicle's 12 volt supply. The Scooter Booster offers our exclusive microprocessor charging control for mobile charging of batteries in wheelchairs, scooters or other applications. Maximum battery performance is now available when you're on the road. Plug into your cigarette lighter port or hard wire directly to your electrical system. The Scooter Booster is compact, trouble free, vibration and weather resistant. Features a safe logic system that prevents the unit from draining your starting battery

Voltage Regulator

Today's sealed lead acid batteries require precise voltage limits to ensure proper recharging and long service life. Interacter has the correct voltage regulator for the application. Our SR 50 voltage regulator is so advanced that it even has external temperature control in a water tight package. Potential applications for the SR 50 are: Solar Panel voltage control, electronic voltage control for race cars, and other applications that require voltage controlled outputs.

Wall Plug In Chargers

Specifically designed for applications where smaller 12 volt batteries rated between 1-10AH require controlled and regulated charging. The WPI series can be left continuously attached to the battery without overcharging. A red LED indicates the charging status.


Battery Monitor Module

The Interacter I140 Low Battery Warning Module is a compact PC board module that can be connected across any 12 or 24 volt battery. It monitors battery voltage and indicates over-discharge, overcharge or other fault conditions by an audible beep tone. An auxillery output can be used for low voltage load cutout or remote fault monitoring. By reminding the customer to charge the battery after use, or by preventing damaging over-discharge, the I140 can prevent service call outs and extend battery life.

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