YB14L-A2 Battery | Motocross Batteries

Voltage: 12 V
AH: 14 AH
Type: High Performance (Shipped Dry)   
Polarity: RH+
Weight: 7.6
Length: 5.31
Width: 3.5
Height: 6.56

Price: $30.95
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The YB14L-A2 battery is a sealed lead acid absorbed glass mat battery. These battery models are designed to be spill proof. Because the YB14L-A2 battery is used primarily in motorcycles, they undergo a lot of wear and tear. Vibrations of the engine and the quick movements of the motorcycle can  jiggle the battery loose. This can cause a regular battery to crack or break and leak harmful battery acid. Absorbed glass mat batteries are guaranteed not to leak or spill even if the battery is broken. Tightly packed separators between the battery's plates help reduce vibrations and protect the battery.

Absorbed glass mat batteries offer many benefits to motorcyclist. The YB14L-A2 motorcycle battery is virtually maintenance free. It is sealed against fumes, leaks, spills, and hydrogen. Absorbed glass mat batteries can survive long freezes. Absorbed glass mat batteries are recombinant.� Oxygen and hydrogen are recombined inside the battery through the battery's water. This helps to prevent water loss through electrolysis and extends the life of the battery. They are rechargeable batteries that remain charged for years. They can sit in storage for long periods without losing a charge. Plates inside the absorbed glass mat battery are packed tightly and securely mounted to withstand shock and vibrations. Motorcyclist know this is important when it comes to the life of the battery and motorcycle.

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YB14L-A2 Battery | Motocross Batteries

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