YTX14AHL-BS Battery | Motocross Batteries

Voltage: 12 V
AH: 12 AH
Type: AGM, High Performance, Maintenance Free   
Polarity: RH+
Weight: 7.7
Length: 5.31
Width: 3.5
Height: 6.56

Price: $58.95
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If you are shopping for a motorcycle battery that is both lightweight and powerful, try the YTX14AHL-BS battery by Motocross Platinum. The YTX14AHL-BS motorcycle and power sport battery is a 12-volt battery that weighs nine pounds. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in motorcycles and other power sport vehicles.

Sealed lead acid absorbed glass mat batteries, such as the YTX14AHL-BS motorcycle and power sport vehicle battery, are designed to withstand years of strenuous use. Absorbed glass mat batteries are a new battery model designed to be maintenance free and sealed to prevent leaks and spills. This style of battery has all of the same advantages of using gel batteries. The YTX14AHL-BS features a tightly packed plate designed to handle extensive wear and tear. The packed design makes absorbed glass mat batteries able to withstand the constant vibrations and quick movements of the motorcycle or power sport utility vehicle they are installed in. These batteries are sealed against fumes, hydrogen and leaks. Even if the absorbed glass mat battery is broken, it is guaranteed not to leak or spill. This feature is helpful in the event that the motorcyclist get into an accident that causes damage to the motorcycle. Harmful battery acid will not leak out onto the skin or into the environment.

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YTX14AHL-BS Battery | Motocross Batteries

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