YTX20CH-BS Battery | Motocross Batteries

Voltage: 12 V
AH: 18 AH
Type: AGM, High Performance, Maintenance Free   
Polarity: LH+
Weight: 10.3
Length: 6
Width: 3.44
Height: 6.38

Price: $68.95
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The YTX20CH-BS battery can be used in a variety of motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle models. This sealed, lead acid absorbed glass mat/gel battery is designed to withstand everyday use under strenuous conditions. Owners of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles know they put their vehicles through a lot of wear and tear. Rough terrain, fast speeds, steep climbs and sharp corners can jostle the battery compartment of the motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle. Too much jostling and jiggling of the battery and it could break, causing a harmful battery acid leak or spill.

Battery acid is very harmful should it make contact with your skin, eyes or mouth. Never use a battery that is leaking in your motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle or other vehicle. Batteries must be disposed of properly to prevent battery acid from being consumed by humans or animals and prevent the acid from being absorbed into the waterways from which drinking water is extracted.

The YTX20CH-BS battery is an absorbed glass mat/gel battery. Absorbed glass mat/gel batteries are leak and spill proof. Even if it cracks or breaks, battery acid will not spill from the YTX20CH-BS battery. Absorbed glass mat/gel batteries are maintenance free and hold their charge for long periods of time. The YTX20CH-BS battery can survive freezes and sit in storage for long periods of time without losing a charge. For these reasons, the YTX20CH-BS batteries are a very popular battery to use in motorcycles and all terrain vehicles.   


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YTX20CH-BS Battery | Motocross Batteries

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