YTX4L-BS Battery | Motocross Batteries

Voltage: 12 V
AH: 3 AH
Type: AGM Maintenace Free   
Polarity: RH+
Weight: 2.9
Length: 4.2
Width: 2.81
Height: 3.38

Price: $25.95
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The YTX4L-BS battery is a popular battery for scooters because it is a sealed, lead acid absorbed glass mat/gel battery. The plates in the absorbed glass mat battery are tightly packed. This helps reduce vibration of the battery and can protect it from cracking or breaking. Should the absorbed glass mat battery break, it is spill and leak proof. Absorbed glass mat batteries, like the YTX4L-BS, have a low self discharge rate and can hold their charge for years. Their compact design and ability to provide maximum power to scooters and other recreational vehicles make the YTX4L-BS battery ideal.



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YTX4L-BS Battery | Motocross Batteries

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