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Odyssey Chargers

Odyssey Battery Portable Chargers

Designed to optimize the performance and life of your Odyssey Battery.

Odyssey battery portable chargers are designed to fully and safely charge Odyssey batteries and other quality brand of 12-volt Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and flooded lead acid batteries.

For professional shop users or enthusiasts doing a charger-to-battery match up, our professional grade design delivers performance, quality and speed in a ruggedized and weatherproof housing.

  • Fully automatic six stage performance charging
  • All digital power charging platform
  • LED battery charge monitor
  • System OK and battery fault trouble status indicator
  • 6, 12, and 20 Amp models available
  • Fanless design eliminates risk of fan failure and costly replacement
  • Limited 2-year full replacement warranty
  • UL Certified to UL1236 CSA C22.2 No.2 FCC Class A Part 15 CEC listed

Odyssey Battery Testing Procedures
Odyssey Chargers Brochure

To Cart
Model Description L W H LBS Use With
Odyssey Model
Add OBC-12A 12 Amp Portable Charger 11.25 3.88 9.25 5.5 PC310, PC370, PC535, PC545, PC625, PC680, PC925 $156.95
Add OBC-20A 20 Amp Portable Charger 13.75 3.88 9.25 7 PC310, PC370, PC535, PC545, PC625, PC680, PC925, PC950, PC1100, PC1200, 75-PC1230, 75/86-PC1230, 25-PC1400, 35-PC1400, 34-PC1500, 34R-PC1500, 34M-PC1500, 34/78-PC1500, PC1700, 65-PC1700, PC1220, PC1350 $202.95
Add OBC-6A 6 Amp Portable Charger 8.75 3.88 9.25 4.5 PC310, PC370, PC535, PC545, PC625, PC680 $129.95
Add OMAX-40AS-3B 40A triple bank sequencer 11 9 6 13 310, 535, 545, 625, 680, 925, 1200, 1230, 1400, 1500, 1700, 1750, 2150 $225.95

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Odyssey Optimizer Charger, Optimizer Maintainer for Odyssey Drycell Batteries

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