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Model: SSC-1500A
Description: 15/10/2 Amp Ship 'N Shore SpeedCharge Charger/Maintainer/Tester
Voltage: 12 V  
Amp: 15-10-2 AH
Type: Auto
Length: 12 3/8
Width: 3 1/2
Height: 8 3/8
Weight: 6 Lbs

Price: $89.95
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15 Amp Fast Charge - charger monitors battery condition and adjusts charge rate downward to prevent battery damage; for car, truck, marine, RV, farm equipment, AGM, gel cell and deep- cycle batteries. 10 Amp Fast Charge - self-adjusting charge rate for everyday charging needs and keeping your battery in peak condition. 2 Amp Slow Charge - for charging small batteries and maintaining large ones; charges motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and lawn tractor batteries Easy-To-Read Digital Meter - displays battery charge status and test results* 75 Amp Clamps - for top and side-mounted battery posts Retractable Handle - for easy portability Self-Stored Cables - makes storage of charger tidier System Test - helps diagnose problems with battery and charging system* Electronic Push Button Controls - easy-to-feel switches for selection of Display Mode, Charge Rate or Battery Type: choose from regular automotive (low maintenance and maintenance free), deep-cycle, AGM or gel cell batteries

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SSC-1500A | Schumacher Electric

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