SC1358 Schumacher Chargers


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Amps: 10,3
Volts: 6,12
Weight: 4.00

Applications: Bench top-Style Battery Charger

Description: 10/3 Amp Battery Charger for Most Charging Applications

Features: 10 Aamp Charger and 3 Amp Maintainer. Microprocessor controlled - automatically adjusts the amperage rate to charge and maintain. Multi-stage charging for added precision, safety and battery life. For Standard, AGM, and Deep Cycle batteries. Float mode monitoring - automatically maintains optimum battery life. Auto voltage detection - 6 or 12 volt. Reverse hook up protection - charger will not operate if clamps are reversed; LED indicator will flash. Meets highest industry standards. DOE compliant.


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SC1358 Schumacher Chargers

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