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BatteryWeb is a retailer and wholesaler of all types AutoMeter battery testing equipment. We offer volume discounts, import, export and we specialize in AutoMeter battery testers and AutoMeter load testers. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, so please feel free to give us a call any time. Start saving time and money with Battery Web and explore our user friendly battery site.

Battery Web was established October of 1998 by President, David A. Mead, who has over 25 years of battery experience and is supported by a team of battery specialists who are committed to providing every customer with the highest level of service and assistance.

For battery testing, load testing, charge analyzers and many other battery gauging devices choose one of the most trusted names in the industry, AutoMeter. We carry a terrific selection of AutoMeter battery testing equipment including load testers, charge system analyzers and temperature adapters to provide high-quality battery performance.

Battery load testing is a method of placing a demand on an electrical system or device for the purposes of measuring its voltage response. The battery load tester generally consists of a large resistor that is similar in resistance to the load placed by the application and a meter to measure the battery's output voltage. This output voltage is measured before and after the load is placed on the battery using the battery load tester. As long as the output voltage remains above a certain level then the battery is safe to continue using, however, if the output voltage falls below then the battery is bad and will need to be replaced.

By implementing a battery load tester or any other piece of AutoMeter testing equipment into your battery maintenance program, you will ensure that your batteries are in top working condition and avoid any unnecessary breakdowns, down time or loss of production. From basic Easy Reading 8-16 volt battery testers to industrial digital load testers we have a wide selection of battery testing equipment to test and maintain all types and sizes of batteries. Our stock of AutoMeter load and adaptor testers is configured to handle 6, 12 or 24 volt batteries.

We also feature AutoMeter digital multi-meter probes and temperature adaptors with 0-400 volt capacity. For printed results of your battery's system choose the AC-14 or AC-15 Infrared printers that will print battery results directly from your AutoMeter testing device.

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