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Browse our wide selection of CSB battery products for high-quality battery power. CSB manufacturers a variety of valve regulated lead acid batteries for use in telecommunications, uninterrupted power supplies and emergency lighting. CSB battery products also include small valve, stationary valve, electric vehicle applied valve and modern hi-tech valve regulated lead acid batteries.

We feature a tremendous selection of CSB lead acid batteries to power a wide variety of equipment and electronics. We feature GP, HR, EVX and XTV models of CSB batteries to provide superior battery power.

The GP series is a general purpose battery with a design life up to 5 years in standby service or more than 260 cycles at 100% discharge in cycle service. All GP batteries are rechargeable, highly efficient, leak proof and maintenance free.

The EVX series lead acid batteries are specially designed for efficient discharge in cyclical applications. The EVX has a design life of up to 8 years in standby service and is also rechargeable and leak proof.

We also feature the brand new XTV series that are specially designed for extreme temperatures. The innovative valve-regulated lead-acid technology enables a 12-year design life in standby use or more than 400 cycles at 100% discharge.

We feature premium valve regulated lead acid batteries from Concorde including the Lifeline and Sunxtender series. Concorde batteries are high-quality lead acid batteries made for a variety of industries including aircraft, medical, telecommunications and marine systems. We have a wide selection of CSB battery models in both the Lifeline and Sunxtender series for optimal battery power.

The Lifeline series produce the highest quality AGM batteries for marine/boat and RV/recreational vehicle applications. Lifeline is an industry leader in research, development and production of sealed lead acid batteries for the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy. Lifeline AGM construction maintains the sealed aspects of gel batteries while reducing chronic recharge sensitivity. We feature both AGM and GPL models of Lifeline batteries for optimal battery power in boats, watercraft, recreational vehicles and busses.

The Sun Xtender solar battery line feature renewable energy storage solar batteries that are sealed, maintenance free, valve regulated, deep cycle and long life lead acid batteries. Deep cycle absorbent glass matte (AGM) solar batteries provide renewable battery power for stand alone, grid tied and back up renewable power systems. We offer a terrific selection of 2, 6 and 12 volt batteries in the PVX series to provide superior battery power in telecommunications, village power, home power systems, lighting and navigation aids.

BatteryWeb is a retailer and wholesaler of all types of CSB battery products. We offer volume discounts, import, export and we specialize in both wet and sealed types of batteries. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, so please feel free to give us a call any time. Start saving time and money on your CSB battery needs with Battery Web and explore our user friendly battery site.

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