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The design and manufacture of Hawker batteries reflect superior quality and unmatched reliability. Wherever in the world there is a need for batteries or power supplies, Hawker batteries are there to provide the solution. As the world's leading industrial batteries, Hawker can operate in every significant industrial market, providing the power for everything from telecommunications to submarines, electric vehicles to forklift trucks. Whatever your application, Hawker batteries are an optimal solution with a world class support system to back them up.

Hawker Gates batteries are high quality lead acid batteries that power a wide number of industrial products from aircraft and submarines to telecommunications and uninterrupted power supplies. At Battery Web we feature a tremendous selection of Hawker Gates batteries including the Cyclon, Genesis, Odyssey and eXTreme series for all your industrial battery power needs.

Featuring thin plate rechargeable cells lead acid batteries can solve many of the problems associated with conventional lead alloy batteries. Using a patented starved electrolyte system provides many advantages including long service life, rugged construction, extreme temperature performance and a high discharge rate. Hawker batteries are trusted batteries for a wide variety of industrial uses.

The Cyclon series of Hawker gates lead acid batteries feature a high degree of flexibility to meet unusual requirements and can be configured in a number of designs to meet your exact voltage and amp hour requirements. Hawker Gates Cyclon batteries are ideal power sources for telecommunications, medical equipment, emergency lighting, solar and electronics.

The Genesis EP series features premium thin plate pure lead AGM technology for a higher rate discharge capability and long duration standby. With the lowest self-discharge rate, highest venting pressure and greater than 99.7% recombination efficiency Genesis sealed lead acid batteries are made for long, trusted service even in extreme environments.

Browse our selection of Hawker batteries here at BatteryWeb.com and contact us with any questions that you may have. We have a dedicated team of battery specialists to assist you with any and every model of Hawker batteries for your satisfaction and convenience.

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