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AKA: AKA: SLA - Sealed Lead Acid, VRLA - Valve Regulated, Gas Recombination or as a Starved Electrolyte Battery. AGM technology is the same as GEL but uses Absorbent Glass Mat to trap and recycle gases & is 1st Cousin to the GEL batteries uses Gelatin to trap and recycle gas.

Yuasa used to manufactures Genesis batteries. They have since changed their name to EnerSys. The batteries that the company produces have stored energy in both the flooded and the valve regulated lead acid. In addition, the company produces standard, as well as the GEL VRLA batteries, that can be used in devices such as cable TV, emergency lighting, UPS, and mobility applications.

Pure Lead Options

The Genesis batteries come in the popular pure lead design, which include a thin plate that is pure AGM lead technology. This technology gives a very high discharge rate and is beneficial in standby situations. The battery is very efficient. It offers a high venting pressure that is more than 97.7 percent recombination, which makes the Genesis batteries suitable and reliable in the more extreme environments. The pure lead batteries are suitable for power supplies that require no interruption, telecommunications, medical, computer backups, lawn equipment, and general electronics.

Because of the many uses of the pure lead batteries, it makes it an indispensable option for many businesses and applications as well as individuals, which means the pure lead Genesis batteries are used by many manufacturers. The battery design includes:

  • 12-V pure lead GEL VRLA AGM

  • Flame retardant casing of UL 94V0

  • No maintenance terminal M6

  • Can be shipped as a non-hazardous product

  • Two-year shelf life

Genesis NP

The NP Genesis batteries is used in general electronics and comes in many different sizes for various applications. The construction of the NP is the sealed technology, which means it is guaranteed to be leak proof regardless of the position in which the battery is installed. In addition, the batteries offer the electrolyte suspension system, which includes high porosity and fiber materials that are designed to absorb the electrolyte. The NP batteries have no gel or any other type of contaminants that are used.

In addition, the NP Genesis batteries offer a built-in design, which controls the gas generation and includes a recombination that is more than 99 percent during the float usage. One of the best features of the NP is they are maintenance free. There is no need to add water or check the electrolyte levels. It is truly an install and forget it type of battery.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Genesis batteries, whether you choose the pure lead or NP, are an advanced battery solution that work in many different applications, such as office machines, burglar alarms, fire alarms, electric wheelchairs, cell phones, solar-powered applications, computers, cash registers, and emergency backup. These devices and many others simply cannot function without high-quality batteries.

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