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Jet Ski replacement batteries in Dry Charge and Sealed AGM chemistries.

  • Dry Charge Jet Ski batteries are shipped dry and must be activated and charged before installation (may need periodic refilling). Battery acid is purchased separately, and can be found at your local auto parts store.
  • Sealed AGM Jet Ski batteries are maintenance free, no need to refill with acid. They will not leak, even when placed upside down. Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) design means low gassing during charging and increased CCA performance.

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How should I store the battery when I'm done riding by PWC for the year?

It's important to store your jet ski battery properly, as it could mean the difference between a quick start back on the water or replacing your battery.

The goal when storing your battery is to keep it charged. It doesn't matter if you're leaving it in the watercraft or removing it. When your battery becomes discharged (and it will, if you don't proactively charge it), it could build up sulfation or freeze.

All power sports batteries (including jet ski batteries) experience some level of sulfation. It's a natural part of battery chemistry and it starts when batteries begin to discharge. It happens when sulfur in the electrolyte forms crystals that attach to the lead plates inside your battery, which prevent the battery from accepting a charge. If you proactively keep your battery charged, these crystals will be unable to form. Some chargers, like those from BatteryMINDER, have the ability to prevent and loosen up sulfation.

Freezing is similar as it occurs as the battery becomes more discharged and the electrolyte becomes water. So, once the temperature hits freezing (32°F / 0°C) the internal liquid will harden into ice and will result in damaged plates or case. If the sides of the battery begins bulging, that's a tell-tale sign that permanent damage has occurred.

The best practice is to remove the battery, keep it stored above 32°F, and connect an appropriate automatic charger to it. Most of the popular charges we carry, like those from BatteryMINDER, allow you to connect the charger let it run indefinitely.

The three recommended BatteryMINDER chargers are:

BatteryMINDER 1500
BatteryMINDER 2012
BatteryMINDER 12106

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