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ME-AGS-N Magnum SYstem Management


Applications: SYstem Management Manufacture: Sensata Technologies Weight: 1 LBs Volts: NA V AMPs or Watts: NA
Description: Magnum ME-AGS-N Automatic Generator Start Network Version Series: Magnum Length: NA IN Width: NA Height: NA
Specification Sheet

Detailed Description: Automatically start your generator – The AGS is designed to automatically start your generator based on low battery condition or the inside room temperature. Adjust the AGS to meet your needs – With the ME-AGS-N you can set multiple parameters for starting and stopping the generator. Using the ME-RC, the ME-AGS-N has basic adjustments starting on battery voltage or temperature. When using the ME-ARC, the ME-AGS-N has advanced start and stop features, including battery voltage, time of day, AC amps, exercise time, and SOC.The network version of the AGS (ME-AGS-N) allows operation of the AGS via the ME-RC or ME-ARC remote panel.

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