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ME-BMK Magnum SYstem Management


Applications: SYstem Management Manufacture: Sensata Technologies Weight: 2 LBs Volts: NA V AMPs or Watts: NA
Description: Magnum BMK - Battery Monitoring Kit Series: Magnum Length: NA IN Width: NA Height: NA
Specification Sheet

Detailed Description: Monitoring your battery bank is easy with the Magnum-Dimensions Battery Monitor Kit (ME-BMK).* Acting as a “fuel gauge” for your batteries, the ME-BMK monitors their state of charge (SOC) and then provides this information in an easy-to-understand display via the ME-ARC or ME-RC remotes. With accurate SOC readings, you can avoid unnecessary battery recharging, saving on fuel and long-term maintenance costs. If you already have a Magnum Energy brand Inverter/Charger and Remote,* the ME-BMK is an easy retrofit. Simply install the kit according to the installation manual and begin monitoring your battery bank via the “Meter” button on your ME-ARC/ME-RC.

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