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*AGM-SLA - Sealed Maintenance Free "non-spillable" batteries are shipped fully charged and ready for use.

**Wet batteries are shipped empty-dry & must be Activated by filling with electrolyte & charged. Battery Acid / electrolyte must be purchased locally, Auto Parts, Sears stock #44000 @ $2.50+/-.

Selecting the proper Motorcycle Batteries

It's easier than you think to buy the wrong motorcycle battery for your vehicle. Unless your current motorcycle battery is definitely the original equipment, you're taking a chance by not double checking before you purchase new motorcycle batteries. You can search for a certain battery, but there are a few general rules you should know before you search. If the motorcycle battery for your vehicle is sensor-equipped, remember to replace the sensor at the same time you change the motorcycle batteries. Never swap a maintenance free motorcycle battery for another motorcycle battery unless the application book clearly states OK.

When given the option of several different motorcycle batteries for your vehicle, choose the one that will give you what you want performance-wise. It's up to you. Always make sure you have the right motorcycle battery before you charge and install it. Save yourself the hassle (and money) of having to buy another motorcycle battery

To get more information on types of motorcycle batteries, choose from the battery types listed below:

Maintenance Free Motorcycle Batteries

YuMicron Motorcycle Batteries

YuMicron CX Motorcycle Batteries

Conventional Motorcycle Batteries

Maintenance Free Motorcycle Batteries

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology is an advanced battery design used in Motocross's Maintenance Free Motorcycle Batteries that eliminates water loss. Once it's filled with acid the Motorcycle Battery is permanently sealed - so you'll never need to fill it with water or check the acid level.

Long Life

Because of its lead calcium design, AGM motorcycle batteries will hold its specific gravity more than three times longer than conventional lead antimony type motorcycle batteries. This means much longer periods between charges when the Motorcycle Battery is used in a standby mode, like winter storage.

To remain factory-fresh AGM motorcycle batteries are shipped dry along with its own pack of high-gravity acid that's added at the time of installation.

Sealed, Non-spillable Motorcycle Batteries

Once filled with acid from its special packs, AGM motorcycle batteries are virtually maintenance free. It's totally sealed and all of the acid is absorbed in the special plates and separators, so there is no need to worry about acid leaks on valuable vehicle parts and accessories

YuMicron Motorcycle Batteries

Motocross YuMicron motorcycle batteries gives you a powerful advantage. Its high technology separators allow two extra plates per cell to be installed, for a 30% improvement in cranking performance

The Power Advantage for Motorcycle Batteries

This added power is an outstanding benefit for heavily accessorized machines or high compression engines.

YuMicron CX Motorcycle Batteries

YuMicron CX motorcycle batteries were the first small engine starting battery to use "lead calcium" technology. This special technology means the YuMicron CX generates more power, requires less maintenance, and lasts longer than any other conventional battery.

More Power in Motorcycle Bateries

Because of its unique design, the CX will generate 5% to 8% more cold cranking amperage than our own high-output YuMicron lead-antimony Motorcycle Battery. For high compression machines, this means greater reserve capacity and more starting power.

Less Maintenance for Motorcycle Batteries

The YuMicron CX lead calcium technology also reduces water loss, so the CX requires servicing (water filling) only about one-eighth as often as ordinary lead-antimony types.

Longer Life for Motorcycle Batteries

YuMicron CX motorcycle batteries holds their specific gravity more than three times as long as lead-antimony type motorcycle batteries resulting in a longer shelf life. This feature means longer periods between charges, especially during winter months.

Conventional Motorcycle Batteries

A workhorse Motorcycle Battery engineered to protect against corrosion, withstand vibration and deliver high cranking power

The industry standard for motorcycle batteries and riding mowers, our Conventional Motorcycle Battery is anything but conventional. This workhorse is for applications requiring operation on uneven surfaces and vibrating environments - even when the weather's dealing its worst. It's the rugged, reliable and dependable battery that customers are looking for in their motorcycle batteries

These features are built into our conventional manifold vented Motorcycle Battery - and every battery in the Motocross Motorcycle batteries line:

Patented separators provide high cranking power

Through-partition construction delivers maximum power.

Unique sealed posts resist corrosion for longer battery life

Polypropylene cover and container thwart damage from gas, oil, and impact.

Heat-sealed, bonded unit fabrication protects against seepage and corrosion.

Maintenance of Motorcycle Batteries

Perform Monthly Maintenance on your motorcycle batteries Motorcycle batteries only requires a little monthly maintenance to perform perfectly. Keep the battery charged to 100%, recharging when the lights dim, the starter sounds weak, or the battery hasn't been used in more than two weeks. Other than that, follow this simple check list every month:

Check the electrolyte level on YB type motorcycle batteries Keep the top free of grime Check cables, clamps, and case for obvious damage or loose connections Clean terminals of your motorcycle batteries and connectors as necessary Check inside for excessive sediment, sulfation or mossing Make sure the exhaust tube is free of kinks and clogs Replace motorcycle batteries caps firmly

Finish up by testing the battery with either a hydrometer or voltmeter. To extend the service life of your motorcycle batteries, make monthly battery maintenance part of your routine.

Storing Your Motorcycle Batteries

If the vehicle is in storage or used infrequently, disconnect the motorcycle batteries cable to eliminate drain from electrical equipment. Charge the battery every two weeks.

For extended storage, remove the Motorcycle Battery from the vehicle and charge to 100%. Charge the battery every month if stored at temperatures below 60° F. If stored in a warm area (above 60° F), charge every two weeks. Make sure motorcycle batteries are stored out of reach of children.

Information supplied by Motocross Motorcycle Batteries

Storage & Spring Startup for Motorcycle Batteries

Off Season Storage of Motorcycle Batteries

If at all possible, remove the Motorcycle Battery from the vehicle. Clean the battery and terminals using a solution of baking soda and water if there is any concern of electrolyte outside of the Motorcycle Battery. Make sure that nothing enters the battery during cleaning. You can also use this same solution to clean the Motorcycle Battery compartment of the vehicle to help neutralize any electrolyte that may be present. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.

After the battery is cleaned, inspect for any signs of damage or extraordinary wear that may have occurred while in service. If you have any concerns about the condition of your Motorcycle Battery, you should seek the advice of a mechanic or a specialist for Motorcycle Batteries such as Upon determining there is no concern of damage, for conventional motorcycle batteries, check the electrolyte levels. The level of electrolyte must be maintained above the minimum and at or below the maximum level line on the side of the battery. Check only when on a flat level service. If you need to increase the level, carefully add distilled water avoiding any overfill. Once the levels are adjusted, charge the battery referring to the manufacturers instructions.

Sealed VRLA motorcycle batteries, or those referred to, as "Maintenance Free" motorcycle batteries do not require you to maintain the electrolyte levels. Sealed VRLA motorcycle batteries must never be opened once in service or permanent damage and failure will occur. As with the conventional batteries, once you have cleaned and inspected the battery, charge it per the manufacturers instructions. With the batteries in a full state of charge, you may wish to store it in a cool dry area away from children and pets. You may also choose to reinstall it in the vehicle. Either way, allow yourself access to the battery so you can periodically check your state of charge, or simply attach a battery charger/ maintainer to it.

Maintaining your motorcycle batteries state of charge during extended periods of storage is essential to insure the maximum service life is delivered.

Safety for Motorcycle Batteries

Proper Clothing for working with Motorcycle Batteries

Always wear a face shield or safety goggles when working with motorcycle batteries. Wear plastic gloves to prevent acid burns. An apron or smock will protect your clothes. Blue jeans or denim are subject to holes from the acid of motorcycle batteries.

Working With Acid for Motorcycle Batteries

Clean up acid spills immediately using a water and baking soda solution to neutralize (1lb. baking soda in 1 gallon of water).

Make sure the acid container is clearly marked and the work area is well-lighted and wellventilated.

If sulfuric acid is swallowed or splashed in the eyes, treat immediately. Sulfuric acid in the eyes can cause blindness. Serious internal injuries or death can result if swallowed. Used as an electrolyte, sulfuric acid can burn the skin.

ANTIDOTES: For acid on the skin, flush with water. If acid is swallowed drink large quantities of milk or water, followed by milk of magnesia, vegetable oil or beaten eggs. Do not induce vomiting. Call a poison control center or doctor immediately. For acid in the eyes, flush for several minutes with water and seek immediate medical attention

Charging Safety for Motorcycle Batteries

When charging conventional motorcycle batteries, loosen vent caps and ventilate charging area. A buildup of hydrogen and oxygen in the Motorcycle Battery or in the charging area can create an explosion hazard.

If the battery feels hot to the touch during charging, STOP. Allow the battery to cool before charging again. Heat damages the plates, and a Motorcycle Battery that is too hot can explode. NEVER put the red sealing cap back on the battery once you take it off. If you do, gases will become trapped and could explode.

Make sure the vent tube isn't kinked or blocked. Otherwise, gases could build up and explode. Properly connect the charger to motorcycle batteries: positive charger lead to positive battery post and negative charger lead to negative battery post. Unplug the charger or turn it off before you disconnect the leads, which will cut down on the chance of sparks.

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