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Panasonic sealed, lead-acid batteries are rechargeable batteries which require no watering. Adopting lead-tin-calcium alloy as the grid alloy, it has outstanding characteristics against severe use conditions such as overcharge, overdischarge, vibration, shock and also for various storage conditions. The SLA battery covers a broad range of applications including VTR's, electric tools, engine starters, UPS, and other back-up power applications.

Shop our extensive online collection of sealed lead acid rechargeable Panasonic batteriesfor everything from consumer electronic devices to uninterrupted power supplies. We carry a wide variety of both 6 and 12 volt Panasonic batteriesto power camcorders, cordless phones, MP3 players and much more.

Panasonic valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries are designed to provide exceptional performance while withstanding overcharge, over discharge, and resisting vibration and shock. High quality and reliable Panasonic batteriesfeature excellent deep discharge recovery, no corrosive gas generation long service life and maintenance free operation.

Use 6 and 12 volt lead acid batteries for uninterruptible power supplies, emergency lighting, wheelchairs, telecom back-up power supplies, engine starters and power tools. We offer a tremendous selection from both the Panasonic LC and UP series of valve regulated lead acid batteries for superior battery power performance.

Panasonic absorbent glass matt batteries are available as main source, stand-by, back-up and UPS batteries. Their lead-tin-calcium alloy grid allows for superior battery power even under extreme conditions. The compact Panasonic batteriesdesign allows you to save space while proving full and reliable power. With special sealing epoxies, tongue and groove case and cover construction Panasonic lead acid batteries offer exceptional leak resistance and the versatility to be used in any position.

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