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Portalac Batteries are manufactured by GS Battery (USA), Inc. Using their VRLA technology, they have developed a strong reputation for industrial quality. These Portalac Batteries have exceeded customer's expectations since they were introduced to the market over 35 years ago. We have learned to depend on these batteries designed by GS Battery (USA), Inc. engineers to provide long life in a wide variety of applications. Having been in the battery industry for over 40 years we consider Portalac Batteries , which are available in various applications, the best in class performance and an outstanding value.

The Portalac PE12V7.2 is an instrumental product for application use in Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse Fiber Optic Technologies. Its long lasting durability makes it a favorite among the users. Many more application areas that specific Portalac Batteries are included, include telecommunications, computer back-up, emergency lighting, automotive and security back-up models. The GS Battery (USA), Inc. applications department is the best in the industry and from our experience they really enjoy what they to do go that extra step.

For high quality, durable and reliabled Portalac Batteries power check out our selection of Portalac Batteries . This state-of-the-art Sealed Lead Acid Battery is a valve-regulated type replacement battery which fixes the acid electrolyte in a thixotropic gel solution or in an absorptive fiberglass mat. With this design, the Sealed Lead Acid Portalac Batteries will not require any water and can be operated in any position.

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