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PSC-12500A-C Power Sonic Charger


Applications: UPS|Alarm|Wheel Chairs|Small Electronics Manufacture: Power Sonic Weight: 0.3 LBs Volts: 12 V AMP: 0.5
AMPs per Battery: 0.5 Number of Batteries: 1 Length: 2.24 IN Waterproof: NO Use with Battery Type: SLA (Sealed Lead Acid)
Reserve Capacity: 120, 240 Height: 3.15 IN Width: 1.97 IN Safety Data Sheet Specification Sheet

Detailed Description: The PSC-12500A-C is part of our A-C series of sealed lead acid (VRLA) switch-mode battery chargers. The A-C series chargers are switching type charger which operate without the use of transformers. I.C's control and regulate current and voltage and automatically switch from the higher fast charger voltage to the lower float volgate when batteries are very close to being fully charged. The 12V 500mA plug-in battery charger is ideal for cyclic applications where recharge time is critical and timely charge termination cannot be relied on. These charger ensure optimum battery performance and service life for Power Sonic batteries and other SLA batteries.

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