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SC1302 Schumacher Charger


Applications: Automotive|Commercial Manufacture: Schumacher Electric Weight: 2.5 LBs Volts: 12 V AMP: 8
AMPs per Battery: 8 Number of Batteries: 1 Length: 3.13 IN Waterproof: NO Use with Battery Type: Flooded, AGM, GEL
Reserve Capacity: 120VAC Height: 9.5 IN Width: 8 IN Safety Data Sheet Specification Sheet

Detailed Description: 8 Amp Fully Automatic Charger. Microprocessor controlled, start/stop interface, Charges 12V standard, AGM and Gel cell batteries, rated for 600 CCA. Reverse hook up protection. LED indicators for charging status, Hook attachment, meets highest industry standards, DOE compliant.

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