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Toyo AGM* - Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

*AKA: SLA - Sealed Lead Acid, VRLA - Valve Regulated, Gas Recombination or Starved Electrolyte Battery. AGM technology is the same as Gel but uses Absorbent Glass Mat to trap and recycle gases & is 1st Cousin to the GEL which uses Gelatin to trap and recycle gas.

Batteries with a Power-Sonic equivalent will be shipped with P-S brand.

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Browse our fine selection of Toyo Battery absorbent glass mat sealed lead acid batteries in 4, 6 and 12-volt capacities to provide excellent battery power in backups, UPS and deep cycle applications. Toyo battery products are sealed lead acid batteries that provide a non spillable leak proof design. Toyo AGM batteries are safe, durable and reliable and can replace most gel type batteries.

Using the latest in absorbent glass mat technology Toyo Battery is able to manufacture a premium stock of sealed lead acid batteries to be used in a number of commercial and residential applications. Toyo batteries are often used for alarm systems, wheelchairs and mobility scooters, emergency lighting, telecommunications, security systems, toys and UPS battery back ups.

Choose from our large stock of Toyo Battery sealed lead acid batteries to provide excellent battery power in 4, 6 and 12-volt charges. Toyo absorbent glass mat sealed lead acid batteries are also widely used for regular motor scooters and bikes.

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Battery Web was established October of 1998. President, David A. Mead, has over 25 years of battery experience and is supported by a team of battery specialists who are committed to providing every customer with the highest level of service and assistance with Toyo battery products.

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