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Browse our wide selection of the Universal Power Group, Inc. SLA Battery line for premium, high-quality lead acid, valve-regulated absorbent glass mat batteries for various applications such as powerchairs, scooters and emergency lightning. Universal AGM Batteries are reliable, durable and affordable sealed lead acid AGM Batteries varying in capacity from 2 - 12 Volts.

Universal SLA Battery products are a state-of-the-art valve regulated type which fixes the acid electrolyte in a gel or in an absorbtive fiberglass mat. Because of this advanced design the SLA Battery requires no water and can be used in any position and used in close proximity to people and sensitive equipment.

The Universal AGM Batteries are maintenance free, have a sealed no-leak design, higher cranking amps, lower self discharge, greater vibration resistance and heavy-duty, no corrosion terminals. Use Universal Sealed Lead Acid Batteries for a wide variety of applications including powerchairs, scooters and emergency lighting.

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