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A back up battery is a secondary power supply source used in case the main power source should fail. A UPS battery back up is essential for computers, alarm systems and hospital equipment that can't afford a power outage.

We feature a great selection of high-quality, brand name UPS battery back ups from top manufacturers including American Power Conversion (APC), Emerson, Data Shield and Belkin. UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply and provides you with the peace of mind in the event of main power source cuts, so your system or equipment will have a trusted back up to rely on.

UPS batteries correct common power problems including power failures, voltage sags, voltage spikes, line noise and harmonic distortion. We have a wide selection of 6 and 12 volt UPS back up battery products to ensure your power supply is always charged.

Protect your home or business computer system with premium, high quality uninterrupted power supply battery back ups in 6-volt and 12-volt charges. We carry a terrific stock of top brand name manufacturers including APC, Data Shield and NCR to give you the most durable and reliable back up battery protection on the market today.

APC is the industry leader in high quality APC battery back up, and we carry an extensive selection of all makes and models including battery Back-Ups, AP, Powershield, Smart-Ups, Symmetra, Powercell, Silcon and Matrix-Ups.

The APC battery back up-UPS ES is a popular battery back up for home computers due to its lightweight and compact design. It provides back up battery power that allows you to work through short and medium length power outages. The ES can also protect your equipment from damaging power surges and spikes that travel along utility and phone lines.

The APC battery back up-UPS CS is a terrific battery back up for office and business computer systems. This high performance battery back up system also allows you to work through short and medium power outages and also features award-winning shutdown software that automatically powers down your computer system in the event of an extended power outage.

Browse all of our fantastic brands of battery back-ups for the model that best suits your battery power needs. In addition to the APC battery back up, we also carry a full stock of NCR, Data Shield, Belkin, Best Power, AT&T, Wang and many other brand name manufacturers of high quality back up battery systems.

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